Rebuy Tournament Strategy

Rebuy tournaments are very popular and you probably have already heard about them in the past or played in some in the past. A rebuy tournament is a tournament where you’re allowed to rebuy chips if you run out of them. In some rebuy events you can also buy chips during an add-on period which is held during the first break typically. The one advantage about playing in rebuy tournaments is that the prize pool is always a lot bigger then compared to regular tournaments. If you can manage to make it deep into the tournament then you’ll be able to make a lot more money then if you played in any other tournament format. We’re going to take a look at some tips and strategy that you should use when you’re playing rebuy tournaments or thinking about playing in rebuy tournaments.

* Rebuy tournaments usually set aside the first hour of the tournament for the rebuy period. After that point there will begin to be eliminations instead of the chance to rebuy. If you can build a big stack during the rebuy period then you’re going to have a good chance at going deep in a rebuy tournament. You need to be fairly aggressive during the early few levels of the tournament and hope that you can hit a big hand that pays off.

* A lot of chips usually switch hands early in rebuy tournaments because the players know that they can just rebuy chips if they run out. This makes players more likely to take chances and you need to be willing to stand up for your hand as well when need be. You can’t be bullied off your hand every time you don’t have the nuts because of someone going all-in. A lot of players go all-in with nothing in these types of tournaments and you can’t be scared of pushing your chips all-in.

* If you lose your chips in a rebuy tournament you shouldn’t just instantly rebuy. You need to consider some factors such as how many players are left, average chip stack and how well you’re playing. If you’re not playing good poker and you know you’re just going to push all-in if you rebuy then you should save your money. If you’re going to rebuy and try to make a comeback in the tournament then you should give it a shot.

* If you’re playing in a rebuy tournament with an add-on period then you need to consider whether or not you need the add-on when it comes time to make the decision. If you’re sitting with 20K chips and you’re in the top 100 of the tournament or something then you probably don’t need the add-on. If you’re near the back of the pack then you might want to buy the add-on so that you can move up a few spots in the tournament.

* The last thing you need to do in rebuy tournaments is make sure you have enough time and patience to play through the entire tournament without getting restless. Rebuy tournaments generally take a lot longer then playing in regular tournaments so you need to set more time aside for this type of tournament.