Omaha Hi/Lo Poker Tips

Omaha Hi/Lo is one poker game where you’re going to need to learn a completely new playing style to be the most successful player that you can be. With the possibility of both a high hand and a low hand winning the pot in this poker game you need to always be focused and on the edge of your seat. If you aren’t careful while playing Omaha Hi/Lo then it probably isn’t going to take very long for you to run out of money. We’re going to walk through some tips right now which will help not only new players to Omaha Hi/Lo, but also players looking to improve their game.

* When you play Omaha Hi/Lo Poker your starting hand needs to cover both the high hand and the low hand. Since you can use 2 cards for your high hand and 2 other cards for your low hand the best starting hand is when you have a mixture of low and high cards that are suited. You don’t really want to play low hands unless you’ve been dealt something like A-2-3-5 because then you not only have a chance at the nuts lot hand, but you could also hit a straight for the high hand.

* If you’re going to call down a hand because you have qualified for the low hand then make sure you have at the minimum the best low hand possible. Even with the best low hand you still run the chance that someone else has the same low hand as you. This means you would only win a small percentage of the pot and you would generally lose money on the hand when this happens.

* Never play any hands when you have 3 cards that are the same suit because the chances of winning are very slim. You should also try and avoid playing hands with low-medium pairs and anything that isn’t suited or connected or same way, shape or form. A lot of players try and find a reason to play any hand they get dealt in Omaha Hi/Lo, but this is one of the quickest ways to losing your money.

* Just like in other poker games you need to manage your bankroll in Omaha Hi/Lo. If you’re playing cash games then make sure you don’t bring all of your money to the table at once. If you’re playing in tournaments then you need to make sure that you don’t play in tournaments that are above your means. If you’re losing the majority of $20 tournaments that you play then you should consider moving down a level to the $10 tournaments.

* Try to avoid bluffing when you play Omaha Hi/Lo because it can cost you a lot of money. Most players find it hard to fold while playing this game and you’ll generally be hard pressed when trying to get away with a bluff. Since someone usually has a great hand you won’t be able to get away with a bluff generally. If you think you can get away with a bluff then go for it, but try and wait until you’ve isolated the pot with you and one other opponent.