HORSE Poker Tips

HORSE Poker is easily the most popular and the most played mixed poker game out there right now. If you want to play HORSE Poker then you need to learn how to play five different poker variations. If you’re unable to learn how to play all five games then you aren’t going to see the results you want too see. We’re going to walk through some tips that you can use to improve your game when you’re playing HORSE Poker next.

* Make sure you target the poker games you’re good at and try to avoid the poker games that you’re bad at playing. You will need to play the variation or variations that you’re not good at in some instances when you have a monster hand, but you can avoid them otherwise. Playing to your strengths in HORSE Poker is really important and you want to make sure you don’t give away any easy money.

* You need to be able to switch gears quickly because in most HORSE Poker games the game will switch every time around the table. This means you need to be able to switch games quickly without having it affect your game at all. The players that can seamlessly switch playing styles will do the best in this mixed poker game.

* In HORSE Poker you really want to pay attention to the other players on your table so you can pick up on their habits. If certain players only play certain poker games then you can take advantage of this. You’ll be able to raise the pot on the hands when you’re playing against players that don’t generally play that poker game. In some of the games you’ll also be able to see your opponent’s cards which will definitely help you learn a bit about how the other players play.

* If you’re going to play HORSE Poker online then make sure you only play one table at a time initially. You might multi-table the Holdem games, but HORSE Poker is a lot more difficult to multi-table. The reason being is simply because the game is always changing and you’ll find it difficult to keep up with what game is being played on each of your tables. Eventually as you become a better player you’ll be able to start multi-tabling, but wait until you’re posting consistent profits playing one table first.

* The competition in HORSE Poker is a lot better then in your average poker game so make sure you’re aware of this going into play. The players that are playing HORSE Poker are often very experienced and it’s definitely not a game for new poker players. If you’re a new poker player then you might want to think about playing some of the games on their own before playing them in a mixed format.

HORSE Poker is a fun game to play, but I would recommend playing the low limits first until you get a feel for the game. It’s very fast paced and the competition knows exactly what they are doing for the most part so there isn’t any easy money to be won.